Beacon uses RocheMartin’s systematic Emotional Capital Report (ECR) assessments of the ten signature strengths of Emotional Capital and their application to leadership.  The Emotional Capital Leadership System is a powerful, proven, seven step process that leverages ten competencies to maximise the development of emotional intelligence in leaders thereby allowing them to release the potential in their team.

We offer:

  • One day programmes on emotional capital competencies
  • Strategic team development underpinned by emotional capital competencies
  • Emotional Capital Accreditation for coaches


It is recognised that in order for a company to succeed, emotional skills need to be central to its focus.  These skills, sometimes referred to as ‘soft’ skills, are often brushed aside with the result that organisations and companies don’t reach their potential.

Within a company, a leader’s primary role is to create the emotional wealth through the development of emotional skills for competitive advantage.  Only when the tools of emotional intelligence are in the hands of leaders can the doors be opened to the remarkable, creative and entrepreneurial energy that exists in all of us.

Executives who fail to develop self-awareness risk falling into an emotionally deadening routine that threatens their true selves. Indeed a reluctance to explore your inner landscape not only weakens your own motivations but can also corrode your ability to inspire others”
Breakthrough Ideas for Tomorrow’s Business Agenda, Harvard Business Review

Over a period of 25 years plus RocheMartin Psychologists Research has identified ten EQ competencies that represent the signature strengths of successful leaders

  1. Self-Knowing
  2. Self-Confidence
  3. Self-Reliance
  4. Self-Actualisation
  5. Assertiveness
  6. Relationship Skills
  7. Empathy
  8. Self-Control
  9. Adaptability
  10. Optimism


Among the strengths of the Emotional Capital Development is the ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations without developing physical or emotional symptoms by actively coping with stressors in the environment.

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