Anyone who is genuinely motivated can develop his or her emotional intelligence (EQ) and boost their emotional capital.

Emotional capital in business comprises three core elements:

  1. External emotional capital
  2. Internal emotional capital
  3. Intra-personal emotional capital


The first element, external emotional capital, concerns the value of the feelings and perceptions held by the customer.  Customers want to buy from organisations that they like. Internal emotional capital is vital as people are invested intellectually and emotionally with a business; to build emotional wealth, a company must treat its people as investors.

Finally intra-personal emotional capital can be defined as the level of focused and positive energy individuals invest at work and in their personal life.

Leaders inspires, or demoralises, those around them depending on their effectiveness in managing their own emotional energy and by how well they mobilise, focus and renew the collective energy of the people they lead.


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