BEACON is outstanding in the Field of Equality and Diversity in the following areas:
•    Leadership Development for staff from Minority Ethnic Groups
•    Career Development for staff from Minority Ethnic Groups

Selected samples of what our clients have said:

“I have taken the lead in some aspects of service redesign.  I have gained the confidence to challenge without being emotional.  As I have always challenged but not feel able to do so in a more effective, professional manner. I successfully managed a project which saved the organisation £500,000 recurring for 3 years. I have recently embarked upon another project (via secondment) addressing service re configuration.”

“The programme has exceeded my expectations; it has opened me up to realising that I have a lot of potential within me that I want to explore.  The programme has helped to undertake a placement where I am working nationally as well as take on a promotion.”

“I am able to use the insight gained from the psychometric profiles in my job application process.  It gave me more confidence to verbalise my skills and preferences.  I have learned that my preferred work environment involves project work with a wide variety of people. I am now more resilient  in the face of setbacks.”

“I have taken the learning from the programme into my organisation. I am networking with like-minded peers,  Widened my circle of connections and influence.  Consolidation in my mind about my management skills and where I want my career to develop and how I want to management this development.”

“I know what I want to achieve in the next 5 years.  I have strategically planned my route and how to gain/develop skills needed to achieve this point at my journey.  I have scheduled my career and set goals.  I reflect on my actions and make appropriate decisions.”

“I have developed a vision which allows me to achieve my personal and professional goals.  I am alert to changes in the environment and the impact of the organisational culture. I know where I am going and how I will get there.”

“The course has benefited me in allowing me to understand myself. To become comfortable with the person of whom I was most fearful.  The course has given me the confidence to be and feel strong within all my environments. I have learnt powerful strategies to resolve conflicts and negotiate and influence with executive leaders.”

“I have become more politically astute, aware of how the NHS environment interacts with the social and economic environment.  How to manoeuvre within my organisation and position myself; I have learnt about myself and key skills as well as ways of leveraging my strengths.”

“The BEACON Programme has enabled me to working through and finding who I am. I have learnt new techniques and still developing that learning to help me identify triggers that make me revert back to old negative behaviours as a way of protecting myself whilst remaining positive.”

“My confidence has increased. I have reduced the oppression that I realise I have been exhibiting at home. I have set targets for myself and developed self-awareness. I am Self-aware as an individual and noticing positive influence and outcomes in decision-making at work, within my nuclear and extended family.”

“I am clearer about my goals and how to achieve them.  I have improved time management.  I am more confident, self-assured and comfortable in my skin.”

“Confidence: I have learnt to stop splitting myself from becoming 3-4 different people within different environments.  I know I feel more comfortable in being myself but have learnt how to adapt my behaviours when necessary.”

“I now feel I have more presence in my work environment. I am looking outside my box as I know I can do more and contribute to the organisation. I have joined     my work advisory board to evaluate community needs.”

“I have changed my career path, successfully gaining a promotion. I am more effective in my environment as I now understand it.  I now think and operate more strategically.”

“I have definitely enhanced my leadership skills in my current post but also has been influential in gaining new job role.”

“I have raised my visibility at work. Increased my network of influencers I am involved in strategically planning and developing services. I am creating a learning environment for staff development.”

“I have career enhancement – secured new role – team leader. Improved time management. Improved working relationship with my line manager. Positively influenced team performance.”

“The programme has enabled me to widen my perspectives and incorporate new ideas. It addressed many personal and characteristic issues about myself and my experience.”

“For the first time in my career I actually feel more relaxed about my career goals.  I have learned to be more flexible and less fixed.  I have learnt the certainty of transferable skills so I feel less afraid of venturing out of my box.  Although I struggle with the concept of a vision feel this has been useful to expand my perspective.”

“I have been able to get more involved in meeting organisational objectives and having my views heard.  I have been able to support other members of staff on a larger scale.”

“I now know that a culture that has been weak on accountability is a culture     which condones underperformance and poor practice.  The trend to begin this change is strong and consistent Leadership and I am now contributing to that leadership.”

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