The Power of Awareness

My client said to me, I am learning more and more to tune into my feelings and inviting my higher wisdom to speak to me about what is happening and how to best utilize the happenings for my growth.

I am sharing the above statement with as part of my coaching with the use of the Emotional Capital Reports and The One Command. I am encouraging my clients to develop self-love as part of expanding their confidence.

The Masters who previously walked the Earth taught the importance of love. The messages were simple. In our life-times, however, centuries of fear-based conditioning obscures a true understanding of what is love.

As a result it is not an easy task to shed the old conditioning and live as the Masters taught. It’s not enough to simply want a loving world. We must become the love and be love with every aspect of our being. This is now part of our challenge to support and enable ourselves and others to expand our consciousness and access our greater potential. That potential where there is no limitation