Professor Laura Serrant-Green

I highly recommend Neslyn to anyone seeking a insightful, challenging yet passionately supportive executive coach. Neslyn manages to combine critical appraisal and an enabling philosophy seamlessly- this has helped me to reflect personally and professionally on my own aspirations and shape my own approach to my executive role

Anndeloris Chacon

I meet Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee in 2002 through my involvement in the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum in the NHS Trust where I was employed as a Registered Nurse. We have cross paths on many occasions both professionally and personally. Neslyn helped me to define my skills and experience through the various personality tests. Her intuitive insight to my personality has helped me to open my doors to my skills and experience. Neslyn allowed me to take the next step on the new journey I have embarked upon through changing my career. I did the One Command programme with her and I have free myself to my mantra of “I AM HAPPY!!! I AM FREE!!!” I can depend on her for sound advice and she shares my joy of success while praying and sending positive vibrations to me. I can say that it is much needed and appreciated. My love and prayers will be with her always for the deep, visionary and compassionate essence that she delivers to me. May God continue to bless and keep her healthy as she delivers HIS LOVE.

Diane Caddle, Ministry of Justice, UK

Success is more than just a job for Neslyn. It is her everything. She’s completely reignited my ambition and I don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you Neslyn. It is an honour to have you as my coach. 

Dr Helen Carrier, Dept for International Trade, UK

Neslyn’s deep knowledge, experience and huge heart has transformed my leadership and career journey. With her challenge and support my development fast forwarded and my courage to be honest with myself and others has escalated.   That’s not to say it’s easy or comfortable, but that’s key to the process. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like Neslyn, her unique and holistic style is a revelation to me. 

Cheryl Avery, Ministry of Justice, UK

I have known Dr Neslyn for the past 3 years, and during this time she has coached and guided me through key aspects of my personal and professional development and helped me on the road to becoming the type of leader that I have always aspired to be. She is a true inspiration and I cannot imagine a life where she is not there to support me.

Marcia McLaughlin, F.Birm.Soc, Editor in Chief The Phoenix Newspaper

I have been lucky enough to meet this wonderful human being some 3 years ago. Since then she has been my rock. Never I I experience such powerful words of encouragement. Giving of herself with sincerity and integrity. The demands of my industry left me needing that special interest. I call her the think tank. Full of answers and solutions. Wisdom beyond expectations. Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druee is all you will need to show you how to move forward achieve and deliver at any level. The Phoenix newspaper owes a great deal to this teacher and the excellence in service she has given to the development of the business. 

Dr Joan Myers, OBE Associate Director for Health Services & Chief Nurse

Dr Neslyn, is a phenomenal coach, she operates with both insight and foresight and is able to get to the crocks of the issues very quick. She both challenges and encourages me to make the right the decisions regarding my career and future without telling me what to do. What I find unique about Dr Neslyn is she utilises a holistic approach to coaching tapping into both the spiritual, natural, emotional and rational aspects of my experiences to prod me in the best way for me and my situation. Dr Neslyn is a truly generous and gracious humble coach and always has a fresh different approach at looking at things from a strategic as well as immediate perspective. I deem it privilege and an honour to name her as my executive coach.

Chris Yates Founder Ethical Organisational Design 2012

Neslyn is a consummate professional and has been of great service to me at critical career moments.  I have sought her counsel and her wisdom to build, reenergize and discover new paths and purpose in the work that I do. Her considerable experience evokes thoughtful storytelling ideas, coupled with non-judgmental questioning.  This method gently guides and allows self- discovery of personal truths.  Neslyn is not afraid to combine very traditional and more experiential forms of coaching; delving into aspects of personal power, spirituality, energy and more routine cognitive learning approaches. Neslyn has leveraged her personal network of contacts (which is considerable) to stretch my thinking, make ideas tangible and further personal and commercial success.  She demonstrates selflessness and an understanding that I have seen in her work with me and which is gladly reciprocated in the people that she has introduced me to.  Each of them is pleased to help because of the association to Neslyn and because they wish to repay a past kindness to her. Her political awareness, formed through the rich career experience is finally to be commended.  She is adept in thinking through the levels of relationship in a situation and offering objective counsel. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you. 

Jessica McDarren, Trade Finance Director, Consumer Products Division UK- Ireland, L Oréal

I have had the absolute pleasure to work with Neslyn in 2017. She is an exceptional executive coach and our work together has been enlightening, inspirational and has had a profoundly positive impact for me. Neslyn has many, many skills but her signature strength is to truly understand what makes people tick and to develop self-awareness to enable them to achieve their greatest ambitions. 

Sandra Gilfilan, Team Leader, Social Services

I found I was able to be quite honest with Neslyn, and immediately acknowledged that I was feeling resistant to coaching. It was clear she was not phased by this and I felt deeply accepted where I am. I have been looking for this level of acceptance for a long time, as it is one of my biggest challenges! Neslyn through her compassion, integrity and vision is able to see both the current challenges and the much bigger picture for my life, even when I am lost in an emotional or spiritual fog. It is very important to me to bring together spiritual depth and practical wisdom in the world and this is exactly where Neslyn shines. Neslyn addressed my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing in a very effective and exciting way and I look forward to see how the journey unfolds. I have much more clarity now about the bigger picture and it is a matter of filling in the details and the steps on the path. Neslyn helped me to be clear that there is enormous potential and own my own power again