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The Power of Awareness

My client said to me, I am learning more and more to tune into my feelings and inviting my higher wisdom to speak to me about what is happening and how to best utilize the happenings for my growth. I am sharing the above statement with as part of my coaching with the use of […]

Building the competencies of Emotional Capital

Every relationship that a business shares with everyone it touches is an asset and an investment. To build emotional wealth, a business must treat its people as investors because they have invested intellectually and emotionally. Anyone who is genuinely motivated can develop his or her emotional capital. Research has identified seven signature strengths of successful […]

The One Command

Today I had a most rewarding day. At a coaching session, my client told me that the One Command is the most exceptional change method that she has experienced within 30 years of personal development. My question to you – what in your life would you like to change? improve or remove? I am a […]

Self Image and Self Confidence

Self-Image and self-confidence is enhanced or decreased by what we think. Our thinking determines the attitude of the mind. The mind is creative, and all conditions, environment all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude. It is known from neuroscience and neuro-psychology that the secret of all power, achievement […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Beacon Organisational Development and Beacon Potential.  Our purpose is to expand consciousness to access our full potential. We offer revolutionary coaching. Our perception of what we see, hear, feel and so on depends to a greater extent on our expectation. What we perceive is what we expect. What we focus on expand in […]