Self Image and Self Confidence

Self-Image and self-confidence is enhanced or decreased by what we think. Our thinking determines the attitude of the mind. The mind is creative, and all conditions, environment all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.

It is known from neuroscience and neuro-psychology that the secret of all power, achievement and possession depends on the method of our thinking.

It is well recognised that we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can do only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”
We cannot demonstrate personal powers that we do not possess. The only way in which we may secure possession of personal power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within. There is a world within – a world of thought, feeling and power; a world of light and life and although invisible, its forces are monumental.

Active thought is active energy; concentrated thought is concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. Every thought results in a cause and every condition an effect; for this reason it is absolutely essential that you control your thoughts and so bring forth only desirable conditions.

All growth is from within. The subconscious mind does not engage in the process of proving; it acts on all the impressions from the conscious mind. The subconscious mind perceives by intuition. Hence, its processes are rapid. It does not wait for the slow process of conscious reasoning and it cannot employ conscious reasoning. The subconscious mind never sleeps. Neuro-science shows that by plainly stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set into operation that will lead to the desired result. Napoleon Hill stated: What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.

Positive and empowering thoughts expands the Solar Plexus, negative and limiting thoughts contracts the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is likened to the sun of the body, because it is the central point of distribution for the energy which the body is continually generating. If this radiation is sufficiently strong, this person is referred to as being magnetic. Keeping your Solar Plexus healthy is of vital importance because:
•    Physically the sun of the body needs to generate sufficient energy to vitalise all parts of the body
•    Mentally because the conscious mind is dependent upon the subconscious mind  for the vitality necessary to support its thought and
•    Environmentally because the connection between the subconscious mind and the universal mind is the point at which the part (the body) meets the whole (body, mind and spirit) where the finite becomes infinite, the un-created becomes created, the universal becomes individualised and the invisible becomes visible.

Conscious thought is the master of the Solar Plexus from which the life and energy of the entire body flows and the quality of the thought which we entertain determines the quality of the thought that the Solar Plexus will radiate. The character of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the character of thought which the  Solar Plexus will radiate, and the nature of the thought which our conscious mind entertains will determine the nature of thought which the Solar Plexus radiates and consequently will determine the nature of our experience. We become what we think about.

Fear is the “arch enemy” of the Solar Plexus. When fear is completely destroyed, your light will shine, your clouds will disappear and you will find the source of power, energy and life. When you find that you are really one with the Infinite Power, and when you can consciously realise this power by a practical demonstration of your ability to overcome any adverse condition by the power of your thought, you will have nothing to fear.

Thought is a mode of motion and is carried by the law of vibration which is the same as light or electricity. Thought is given vitality by the emotions through the law of love; thought takes form and expression by the law of growth; it is the product of the spiritual “I.” Hence, it is it is “I” evident that in order to express confidence, personal power, abundance or any other constructive purpose, the emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so that it will take form.

It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences which we will meet. If we expect nothing – we shall have nothing, if we demand much we will receive the greater proportion. The world is harsh only to the extent that we fail to assert ourselves.  We learn by doing; through practice the athlete becomes powerful.
The subconscious mind is intelligent, creative and responsive to the will of the conscious mind; concentrating on your desire will make an impression on the subconscious.  What you focus upon will expand in your life. The subconscious mind is part of the Universal mind and the creative power of the Universal mind is unlimited, therefore your self-confidence and your power is unlimited. It is self-limiting thoughts and fear that denies us of being our confident, powerful self. It is not necessary to outline the method by which the subconscious will produce the desired results. The finite cannot inform the Infinite. You are simply to focus on what you desire, not how to obtain it.

Modern psychology tells us that when we start something and do not complete it, we are forming the habit of failure. If you do not intend to do something do not start; and if you start, see it through. If you make up your mind to do something, do it, let nothing and no one interfere; never under any circumstances allow your “I” to be over-ruled. The “world within” is controlled by the “I” and this “I” is a part of the infinite, which is the Universal energy of spirit.  By respecting the “I” within, you will learn self-resilience and self-control. When you have learned to control yourself, you will find the “world within” which controls the world outside. You can originate thought, and since thoughts are creative, you can create yourself and the self-confidence that you desire.

Neslyn Watson-Druée, One Command Coach,  Thinking Environment Consultant supports people to develop self-image and self-confidence. &