Beacon Organisational Development provides executive coaching for Cabinet Office (Gov UK) and NHS Leadership Academy UK


Beacon Organisational Development

Our Vision: Enabling Personal Excellence and Leadership

Beacon Organisational Development’s purpose is to transform people and organisations to release their potential, creativity, vision and intelligence.

Leadership development, enhanced communication and strategic thinking underpin our purpose.   The company operates with the following beliefs:

  • Success lies with effective communication, engaging and can do attitude.
  • Organisations perform well and are more successful when people are empowered and developed.
  • Leadership underpinned by the leaders’ emotional intelligence makes a profound difference.
  • Diversity adds value to the creating and sustaining high performing teams.

Our Products:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development inclusive of Leading Diversity
  • Team Development
  • High Impact Psychometric Profiling

In addition, we challenge people to develop so that they are not just good at their jobs but they know what it means to be excellent and they strive to develop the leadership competencies that link star performance and company profits.

Greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice.

Through The One Command™ we facilitate people to use their theta brain state to make conscious choices using a six step process. In addition, we facilitate people to reflect on the beliefs that they want to change, improve or remove; we then walk people through the following factors: environment, behaviour, skills and competencies, values and beliefs, identity and spirituality.

This personal development of people has dramatic effects on improving the culture and profitability of a company.

Organisational Transformation and Change Management Consultancy brings added value and benefits organisations to:

  • Develop a compelling vision for the future
  • Define and develop leadership qualities and competences
  • Depict empowering organisational cultures
  • Devise and design high performing teams
  • Deliver quality performance and outcomes
  • Determine communication effectiveness, dialogue and negotiate with confidence
  • Derive staff confidence, increase job satisfaction,  energise and inspire the workforce

It is our firm belief that people and organisations have the capacity to grow and transform when people are working to their highest standards and focusing their energy on the best outcomes and highest intentions.

We believe that organisational development and success only occurs if boards and executive teams give firm undertaking to facilitate peoples’ growth and development and empower them to take responsibility for the success of the organisation, including the quality of the organisation’s products and services.

We are convinced that organisations have the ability to think strategically through developing an inspiring vision of the future and energising people to see new possibilities.

Beacon helps this change come about by assessing key strategic interventions and analysing what might get in the way of possible interventions. We facilitate leaders in providing leadership and help in creating the environment for people to give of their best to the organisation.

Our Values

  • Attending to personal leadership
  • Committing to personal development
  • Building appreciation, trust and value for each other
  • Creating time to think and a thinking environment
  • Promoting equity, equality and diversity
  • Expanding potential to be the best

A selection of Awards includes:

  • 100 Best Global Coaching Leader – World Congress of Human Resources 2017
  • Women of The Decade in Community Leadership and Social Change – Women Economic Forum 2017
  • Leadership and Empowerment Award – Phoenix Newspaper – 2017
  • Radio Works World Author’s Award – 2017
  • Wise Women Award for Business Innovation – 2014
  • Her Majesty Queen 11 Medal for Health Service Innovation and Leadership – 2013
  • Windrush Services towards Nursing Innovation 2012
  • Diversity Persuader of the Decade 2004
  • British Diversity Gold Standard Award for Boosting Employment Potential 1997
  • Consultancy and Training Award 1996
  • National Training Award 1996
  • Business Excellence Award 1996

Delivery Methods

We use a range of proven delivery methods, including:

  • Thinking Environment™ Consultancy Methods
  • Emotional Capital™ – Smart Coaching Framework
  • Lumina Learning Methods
  • One Command™ Coaching Process and Programmes
  • Appreciative Enquiry
  • Strategic Mapping and Horizon Scanning
  • Case studies
  • Action learning
  • Research techniques
  • Psychometric Profiling

A selection of Clients includes:

  • Department of Health (UK Gov.)
  • Ministry of Justice (UK Gov.)
  • Ministry of International Trade (UK Gov.)
  • BBC Network Radio.
  • NHS Leadership Academy.
  • Royal College of Nursing.
  • Local Authorities.
  • Financial Institutions and
  • Voluntary sector clients.


About Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE, FRCN, FCGI

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE – She is a renowned Professional International Speaker, Executive Coach – Best 100 Global Coaching Leader, Award Winner of Women of the Decade in Community Leadership & Social change from All Ladies League & Women Economic Forum.

Dr Neslyn has a track record as a leader, pioneer and entrepreneur and is focused on enabling the development of individual personal mastery including the expansion of leadership competencies within organisations.

Dr Neslyn has influenced pioneering developments with Government, British NHS, entrepreneurial and community development. Dr Neslyn articulates the behaviours and characteristics of successful leaders. Her unique business system The Leaders’ Code™ is used in corporate organisations to change organisational culture, demonstrate courage, show commitment, develop creativity, challenge issues and care about people.

Dr Neslyn is highly decorated with multi-awards. Honoured three times by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, Dr Neslyn has dedicated her life to service, personal and leadership development of others.

Against the tapestry of Dr Neslyn’s experience as a nurse, midwife, health visitor, university lecturer, business psychologist, entrepreneur and award- winning author, she is committed to the growth and development of others. Dr Neslyn says:

You know when you when you have passion and drive to design your life and business to respond to what gives you joy? When you have a yearning and desire to set yourself up for success along with a desire, passion and fire in your belly to be a great leader, to lead your life and business fervently, to be an authentic, courageous, and confident leader, to be your full potential?

That is what I do.

I enable leaders to be courageous, authentic, confident, to be their full potential and leave a legacy.

I enable existing CEOs and Directors to know themselves to be even greater in their leadership, to create cultures that enable people to thrive, release their creativity, vision and intelligence including emotional intelligence.

Do you want to develop leadership skills? I will enable you as an aspiring leader to be an even better leader, to develop your skills, competences and confidence. I will teach you how to optimize your communication, leadership and high performance.

I offer my service as an executive coach, author and professional international speaker on the topics of Leadership, Living with Passion and Leaving a Legacy.

Contact Dr Neslyn for complimentary coaching session  

So what has prepared Dr Neslyn to make such statements? Here follows a record her achievements.

Dr Neslyn came to England in 1969 as a 19 year old person to embark on the passion she had to nurture and care for others, she studied nursing, midwifery, health visiting and health promotion and overcame many challenges in rising to being an outstanding achiever.

At a particular point in her career – (Joint appointment with Higher Education and the NHS, as a deputy director of nurse education – continuing education) when she was appointed and told to write her job description and determine how much she wished to be paid; an event happened that pulled the rug from under Dr Neslyn’s feet. A Principal told Dr Neslyn: I find you threatening because you are black, a woman and you are intelligent.

Incandescent with range Dr Neslyn decided that she would never allow anyone to knowingly block her. Dr Neslyn had a string of qualifications behind her as well as having obtained an ESSO Scholarship that enabled her to complete a personal development programme with the then Industrial Society – now called the Work Foundation with an outstanding track record. So Dr Neslyn developed her consultancy Beacon Organisational Development and took action to deliver a career development programme through the then London Enterprise Agency – backed by 22 multinationals in London. Dr Neslyn developed a career development programme for the BBC and wrote the Mosaic Fair Guidance Career Planning – BBC Education Publication. The Programme for London Enterprise Agency led to Dr Neslyn being awarded a National Training Award by the Government Office of London.

The problems that Dr Neslyn solve are:

  • Lack of clarity, self awareness and self-confidence
  • Absence of the steps and processes to develop signature strengths in emotional intelligence
  • A desire to self-actualise achievements and develop an high impact Profile
  • Mastering the pillars of high performance and developing resilience
  • Lack of employee engagement and enabling culture change in organisations
  • Lack of effective teamwork across an organisation and in specific teams
  • Lack of effective communication across an organisation – including influencing, conflict resolution and negotiation
  • A desire to strengthen relationship skills and political astuteness

What People Say About Dr Neslyn

  • People who have accessed Dr Neslyn’s programme have said, as a result of the programme they have:
  • A clear vision on where they are going and how to get there
  • Development of political skills
  • Knowledge of self presentation with impact
  • Focused clarity on what matters most
  • A sharp sense of who they are
  • Purposeful goals
  • Strategies to map and navigate their territory with ease
  • Clear communication including conflict resolution, negotiation and influencing skills

Dr Neslyn has authored many books some in public publication and others used in private coaching. Dr Neslyn’s Publications 

So do you want even more from your life and business?

Do you want more success in your life and business?

Do you want more meaning, productivity and energy?

Do you want to be more creative and demonstrate higher emotional intelligence?

Are you challenged to stay focused or to better influence your team or customers?

Do you need support to define your purpose, get rid of distractions and gain more momentum?

Do you know the number 1 secret you must follow to have more influence?

Are you full aware of what it takes to be a consistently excellent leader?

What is the legacy you want to leave in your leadership?

Neslyn has a track record in:

  • Executive Coaching – Appreciative Inquiry, Thinking Environment and One Command Coach
  • Leader of The One Command™ Programmes
  • Thinking Environment™ Consultant
  • Development of a Leadership Development Programme that resulted in the development of the NHS Institute and the subsequent NHS Leadership Academy
  • Development of a Career Development Programme for the BBC and Mentoring Programme for Senior BBC Staff
  • Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
  • Performance Development including the use of Thought Field Therapy and PSYCH-K
  • Board Leadership of Diversity in several government and public authorities
  • Psychometric Profiling inclusive of Extensive use of 360 degree tools Neslyn is accredited to use the following 360˚ Multi rater Tools:
  • Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF) 360° Feedback
  • Emotional Capital Reports (RocheMartin Pty Ltd) – Accredited to qualify other coaches
  • Benchmarks (Oxford Psychologist Press) 
  • Linking Skills (Margerison McCann) 
  • Lumina Leader 360° Feedback

Neslyn holds qualified European Test User Certificate (level 2): Work and Organisational Assessment. Also, Licensed to deliver Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, SDI, MBTI, Orpheus, Benchmarks, CPI, FIRO-B, Margerison McCann: TMP, TWP, QO2 and Linking Skills. MLR: Situational Leadership, Negotiating skills and Influencing skills profiles.

Key achievements

  • As Chairman of underperforming PCT (Primary Care Trust –NHS Kingston), she restructured the executive board replacing Non-Executive and Executives Directors over nine months. Downsized personnel from 600 to 400 and further downsized the Commissioning arm of the PCT to 88 whole time equivalent by establishing a social enterprise organisation in the service delivery arm of NHS Kingston (Your Healthcare). In partnership with a new chief executive turned £21.5M pa loss to £3.5m pa profit. While commissioning services from 10 hospitals, a range of private providers and 29 GPs Practices for a population of 180k local residents. Services include mental health, acute, emergency; rehabilitation and long term care; nursing education and training.
  • Founder Business Angel/Chairman of Colourful Media Group. Moved three businesses into holding company, supported the recruitment staff and set up offices to £750k budget. Led strategic positioning, branding and licensing process, successfully launching ‘Colourful Radio’ on line radio broadcasting business in 2006 (Achieved Digital Audio Broadcast from October 2008) with news, current affairs and employment services currently reaching international audiences of 70k in USA, Caribbean and Africa.
  • Business Angel to community projects and women start up programmes notably the publication of Homage to Black Women Published by Wisconsin University 
  • Appointed by Secretary of State (1 of 180 women across the UK) as Ambassador for Public Sector Appointments (November 2009 – 2011).
  • Trustee of Tomorrow’s People 1995 – 2001 and 2011 to 2015. A Charity focused on enabling unemployed people back into work.

Founder Business Angel /Chairman.

  • Pump primed the launch of Colourful Radio by ½ Million Pounds from personal funds. Supported the movement of three businesses into holding company, recruited staff and set up offices to £750k budget. Led strategic positioning, branding and licensing process, successfully launching ‘Black Britain’ on line radio broadcasting business in 2006 with news, current affairs and employment services reaching international audiences of 70k in USA, Caribbean and Africa.

Beacon Organisational Development Ltd1989, continuing – Consultancy and Training

Delivering executive coaching, leadership and development, facilitation and psychometric profiling. Built the business progressively subcontracting work to 5 consultants. Led sales and marketing and developed client base including the BBC, London Development Agency, Voluntary Organisations, six Borough Councils and the NHS.

Developed personal portfolio 1993 – 1998 of parallel part time roles leading to appointments and awards below:

  • Government Appointee on UK Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting.
  • Inaugural Chair Race and Ethnicity Committee of Royal College of Nursing which led to the instalment of the Mary Seacole Leadership Bursary
  • Member Employment and Education Committee RCN
  • Member Publications Editorial Board RCN 2000 to 2013
  • South West London Community NHS Trust. Non-Executive Director 1991 – 2001
  • Board Non-Executive Director Getting London Working – London Single Regeneration Round 5. 2000 -2004
  • Chairman NHS Kingston Shadow January 2001 to April 2001. Established NHS Kingston April 2001. Relinquished the role 31 April 2011.


2017 Women of the Decade in Community Leadership & Social Change Award – Women Economic Forum

2017 Radio Works World Author’s Award

2017 Inaugural Best 100 Global Coaching Leaders – World HRD Congress

2014 Wise Women Award for Business Innovation

2013 Inaugural Top 50 HSJ BME Pioneer

2013 Her Majesty’s Queen Elizabeth 11 Medal for Health Service Innovation and Leadership July 2013

2012  Windrush Award for Nursing Innovation

2012 Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) for Health Service Development

2005 Doctor of the University – Birmingham City University

2005 Doctor of the University – Bradford City University

2005 Fellow of City and Guilds London Institute

2001 Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing

1999 Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for Nursing Leadership

1999 Millennium Nurse – Special Recognition Award by Secretary of State for Health for outstanding contribution to nursing

1999 Gold Standard Special Pioneering Award – Leadership Development in Public Sector (British Diversity Awards)

1997 Special Honours Windrush Achievement Award (British Diversity Awards)

1996 Gold Standard Award by British Diversity Awards for improving employee potential.

1996 National Training Award by the Government Office for London

1996 Consultancy and Training award by American Express through European Federation of Black Women Business Owners

1986 Industrial Society ESSO Management Development Scholarship

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