Emotional Capital One Day Programme

The Emotional Capital One Day Programme is focused on development for Directors, Team Leaders, Consultants, Teachers, Lecturers and HR Professionals. The Programme enables assessment and development of emotional intelligence in leaders. Programme participants will have access to comprehensive materials to support the introduction of emotional intelligence into their organisations as well as a step-by-step approach to interpreting and applying emotional intelligence in order to improve leadership performance.

What People say about the Programme:

  • ” An eye opener. The interactive sessions. Thought provoking concepts”
  • “I’m now more willing to see the other point of view”
  • “I found the workshop very helpful, identified a wealth of information”
  • “Stopping to think about my everyday life/work in term of EQ. Every leader/manager should have this!”
  • “Very inspiring, enlightening and interesting. I would recommend this course to many of my colleagues”
  • “Very enlightening, some good tools for the boardroom. Encourages reflection”
  • “My thoughts and feelings are that I have learnt more about myself and learning to deal with others. The programme has helped me to take forward how to deal with difficult situations. It has been a wonderful experience”
  • “A dynamic and insightful Programme”
  • “I am seeing the power of relationships through new lens”
  • “I’ll use the information with my team”
  • “Now I know what to do about my self-confidence”
  • “I now know that I can better connect with my team by being more empathetic”
  • “A light bulb moment – thank you”

Learning Objectives – At the end of the day participants will:

  • Uncover the science behind emotional intelligence and emotional capital
  • Learn the emotional and social skills that drive effective leadership
  • Asses and build their own emotional intelligence and leadership success

Date: 7 July 2011 Venue: Hotel Verta – 38 Lombard Road, London SW11 3RP

http://www.hotelverta.com/location.asp – Bravo Board Room

0900 – 1030 Introductions:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Background. The relationship between EQ and Star Performance. EQ Competencies – Self-Reliance, Straightforwardness

1030 – 1045 Break

1045 – 1215 EQ Competencies – Optimism, Self-Actualization, Self-Confidence

1215 – 1300 Lunch

1300 – 1430 EQ Competencies – Relationship Skills, Empathy, Adaptability

Review of an Emotional Capital Profile Report (ECR Profile) –: Mary Smith

1430 – 1445 Break

1445 – 1630 EQ Competencies – Self-Knowing (Self-Awareness), Self-Control

1630 – 1645 Evaluation

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Become Accredited in Emotional Intelligence

Beacon Organisational Development three-day certification program opens up the world of emotional intelligence assessment to professionals who want to stand out from the rest.  Participants in the certification program will learn about the history and theory of EQ, the origins of the Emotional Capital Report and be trained to deliver and apply RocheMartin’s suite of EQ assessments.

Becoming ECR Accredited gives you the knowledge and skills you need to help your organisation and/or clients improve their emotional intelligence and achieve greater leadership success.

Upcoming Certification Events

Certification Course: 14-15 July 2011 Follow-up 6 September 2011 Hotel Verta London
http://www.hotelverta.com/location.asp – Bravo Board Room


Who Should Attend?

Professionals in the areas of Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Recruitment, Organisational Design, Counselling, Teachers & Lecturers, Management & Leadership Development, Performance Management, HR Consulting, Psychology – Corporate & Clinical
Program Benefits:
  • The 3-Day workshop provides a rigorous scientific training in the development and use of the ECR and ECR 360 while remaining sharply focused on developing expertise in the application and practice of emotional intelligence competencies.
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the tool for effective and responsible use.
  • Engage in hands-on experience with the tool in a highly interactive, dynamic atmosphere.
  • Develop expertise in one of the world’s most powerful psychometrics for measuring and developing emotional intelligence in professional people.
  • Discover the 10 key emotional intelligence competencies that characterise the most successful leaders.
  • Learn enhanced skills and competencies to provide valuable feedback to your employees and/or clients based on progressive insights from neuroscience and the emerging field of emotional intelligence.
  • Practice applying the tool with real-world corporate examples.
  • Increase your ability to make educated and informed decisions about the developmental needs of your employees and/or clients and find out how to use intervention strategies for building emotional intelligence and sustaining behaviour change.
  • Develop expertise in the world’s first emotional intelligence selection tool, the ECR Selection Report
  • Become competent in the administration and interpretation of the ECR & ECR 360.
  • Obtain a recognised qualification certificate to purchase and distribute the ECR & ECR 360.
  • Transformational Coaching
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